The Big Wishlist

Here are a few of the things that I'd love to have, if funds were available.

Rofco Bread Oven

Made for the serious amateur baker, these ovens look great. They have chamotte brick floors to bake on directly, with a similar effect to that of a brick or commercial oven. High-quality insulation means that they draw only 13 Amps for those of us who use "real" electricity at c. 230 Volts. A steam generator is available for the oven so you can get the perfect glossy, crunchy crust (very important to yours truly, Crusty Dave). I first read about Rofco bread ovens on Rofco also sell grain mills, dough mixers and retarders (for the slow proving of bread). Mrs. Crusty Dave has agreed that we'll get one when we revamp our kitchen.

Update: Now that I've retired from gainful employment, I'm now the proud owner of a Rofco B20 oven. It's everything that I could have hoped for!

A Professional Baking Class at the King Arthur Flour Education Centre

The Professional Class was run by Jeffrey Hamelman, author of "Bread" (see the Books page). King Arthur Flour, and their Education Centre, are based in Vermont which sounds a lovely destination in itself. Can't wait to see the Moonlight on Vermont.