Bread Videos

Just collecting a few videos that I enjoy watching. I hope to borrow a camera to shoot one of my own, but for the moment, here are a couple of my favourites.

Fantastic video of a young man, Vincent Talleu, who just loves his craft. I included this video in this page about six weeks after Vincent posted it on YouTube. In that time, it's had almost a quarter of a million views. Not bad.

Promotional video for "Tatine Bread" by Chad Robertson and Eric Wolfinger (See Books).

The skill that I'm still working on- scoring baguettes.

This video is from the King Arthur Flour Bakery, where Jeffrey Hamelman (author of Bread) is the Master Baker.

Perfection. The Four Seasons add a little something extra to the feel of the video.

Note that there was a degree of controversy about the name of the bakery featured and the original version of this video was removed from YouTube. It might happen again.