Baking Bits and Bobs

Here are a few of the Bits and Bobs that I love to use when I'm baking:

"Proper" Scales

I've struggled with domestic Kitchen Scales for too long now. They tend to be inconsistent in their readings, with the weight registered varying by the minute. The KD8000 scales, in contrast, are rock-solid, have an indicator to show when the weight registered has settled, the usual Tare function and a near-unique "Baker's Percentage" function. The best feature of my set of KD8000s? They were a Christmas present from one of my wonderful daughters, DK Crustydave.

l'Hirondelle Yeast

Beautiful, slow-acting yeast; the slow action allows the development of a full flavour that is just not there with the variety more generally used in industrial bakeries. I actually use half the quantity suggested on the wrapper (the manufacturers suggest one 42gm block to a kilo of flour). Slow is beautiful.

The link provided is to The Bertinet Kitchen's web shop, and the URL may change from time to time. In which case, please browse the shop for this yeast.

Dough Scraper

This tool is so simple but it almost becomes an extension of your hand. The curved side is ideal for getting your dough out of the bowl when you've done the initial mixing and the straight side is perfect for gathering dough together as you're working it.